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Ink Man Tattoo Studio Bruce tetováló és piercer

Sanyi tattoo

Ink Man Tattoo Studio Sanyi tetováló

Nikol tattoo

Ink Man Tattoo Studio Nikol tetováló

Dávid piercer

Ink Man Tattoo Studio Dávid Piercing

Dalma tattoo

Ink Man Tattoo Studio Dalma tetováló

Ink Man Tattoo

Ink Man Tattoo Studio


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Ink Man Tattoo Studio

1094 Ferenc körút 31., Budapest
Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 11AM – 7PM  
Sunday: closed.
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Ink Man Tattoo Studio – tattoo and piercing

We opened our Budapest tattoo salon in 2014 to all tattoo lovers. Currently 4 experienced tattoo artists and 1 piercers are working in our salon. You can choose from cool, modern, shiny, small or big piercings. You will surely find the artist that will gladly prepare the design you want in your favourite style, be it realist, old school, new school, trash, polka or any other style. Our goal is that our guests receive professional, quality service. We designed our saloon to be home-like, a TV, X-Box and couches are available for guests in the lobby. If you bring your children, we have toys that will keep them entertained while you are getting your tattoo. Ink Man Tattoo also offers tattoo supplies, we offer a wide range of quality products that can be purchased from Monday to Friday with friendly and fast service.