Aftercare products

A new generation of tattoo care.

ink man tattoo studio budapest tattoomed - Tetoválás, Ink man tattoo studio, Tetoválás Budapest, piercingTattoomed products now can be purchased in our store for treating and caring for tattoos.

TattooMed has been developing and manufacturing products for the treatment and care of tattooed skin since 2012. TattooMed develops its specialty products with the experience of pharmacists, dermatologists and tattoo artists. Their goal is to produce professional aftercare products.

TattooMed products are considered medical skin care products due to their quality and excellent efficiency. When developing the products, their primary goal was to treat freshly tattooed skin. Only active ingredients that do not cause allergies are used in the production. The products have been developed for the treatment of tattoos, as well as for the daily cleaning and care of tattoos and the preservation of color. Products are vegan and not tested on animals.

Tattoo aftercare products:     

Tattoomed aftercare cream 25 ml – 2.000 HUF

Tattoomed aftercare cream 100 ml – 5.000 HUF

Tattoomed Daily cream 100 ml – 5.000 HUF

Tattoomed Cleansing gel 25 ml – 2.000 HUF

Tattoomed Cleansing gel 100 ml – 4.000 HUF

Tattoomed Sunscreen 25 SPF 100 ml – 5.500 HUF

Tattoomed Sunscreen 50 SPF 100 ml – 7.000 HUF

Tattoomed Sun After cream 100 ml – 4.000 HUF

TattoomedProtection film 24 hour foil 15 cm x 5 m – 9.000 HUF

TattoomedProtection Patch Black 24 hour UV foil 10cm x 20 cm / 2 pieces – 3.500 HUF

Piercing treatment creams:

Medisept Piercing aftercare gel – 1.000 HUF

Inkness Piercing aftercare 10 ml – 1.000 HUF

Inkness Piercing aftercare 50 ml – 2.500 HUF

Tattoomed Piercing aftercare spray 75 ml – 2.500 HUF

Octenisept spray 50 ml – 3.000 HUF

Hansaplast spray 50 ml – 3.000 HUF

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