Tattoo removal

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for the removal of unwanted tattoos, and laser technology offers the opportunity for appropriate treatments. The treatment is hardly painful, both black and colored, as well as cosmetic tattoos closer to the surface can be removed. The technology is based on absorption in laser pigment materials. Because white tattoos do not contain dark pigments, they cannot absorb laser light. Therefore, white tattoos cannot be removed. Laser tattoo removal treatment can easily get rid of the tattoo of the person being treated. Simple, fast and effective treatments are possible.

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  • The number of treatments is influenced by the depth, color and amount of ink penetration, the number of layers superimposed, the quality of the ink pigments used, but also whether the ink was applied by a professional or amateur tattoo artist.
  • It is easier to work on lighter skin because, unlike darker skin, it is easier for the laser beam to penetrate.
  • For darker skin, laser removal can be used for a shorter period of time due to faster warming of the skin.
  • Light and white dye pigments are less responsive to laser light, unlike dark pigments, which absorb light faster and fade better.
  • After the first treatment, almost no difference can be seen, in fact, the tattoos will seem darker, the skin reacts at a different rate in everyone, so it can be said that the treatment is effective only after several sessions.
  • The minimum number of treatments is 3, but it may also take 6-8 times.
  • The success and effectiveness of treatments depends on the skin type and the dye added.
  • Do not sunbathe, go to the tanning salon before or after treatment, it is recommended to apply sunscreen to the treated area.
  • In an area exposed to permanent irritation, pathogens can enter the skin through the affected skin surface, so special care must be taken.

Laser tattoos are not applicable:

  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding, high blood pressure, heart disease, skin disease, diabetes and haemophilia.
  • Scarred – mole area.
  • Wound area under recovery.

Laser Tattoo Removal – How Does It Work?
Laser tattoo removal is a simple cosmetic process that allows you to remove unwanted tattoos.
The Q-switched YAG laser emits a special wavelength of light with a high peak energy pulse. This high-energy-density light beam (for 6 milliseconds) penetrates light skin without obstruction, but is maximally absorbed in dark color (dark dye), interacting with pigment-containing cells. Both melanin and dark tattoo inks can absorb the laser light. The Q-YAG laser is able to remove tattoos without scarring in Q-switched mode. The laser acts differently on different colored inks, breaking double bonds in some inks, fragmenting in others (pigment-containing cells heat up and explode), and making them available to phagocytes. The pigment pieces are then excreted by the digestive activity of the macrophages and through the lymphatic system.

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Most tattoo removal requires 3-10 occasions with 6-8 week breaks in between. On average, a treatment takes approximately 10-30 minutes, after which the skin turns discolored white, but this is natural. The duration of each treatment is also influenced by the size of the treated surface and the depth of the dyes. The treatment is not painful, it only causes a small stinging feeling. After treatment, the skin surface should be kept dry, treated as if it had been burned by the sun.

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Overall, the Q-switched YAG laser can easily get rid of unwanted tattoos. And if you take precautions, your treatment will be free of side effects.

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