Piercing / Microdermal prices

We use only anti-allergenic (made of medical grade 316L and titanium) jewelry. It is important to wear jewelry during recovery that is least likely to cause irritation. That is why we do not jewelry that you bring. After healing, of course, the jewelry can be exchanged for anything. After the procedure, we provide our guests with complete instructions on how to take care of the fresh piercing.

Piercing prices:


Lobe: 5.000 Ft
Upper Lobe: 5.000 Ft
Helix: 5.000 Ft
Flat: 7.000 Ft
Tragus: 7.000 Ft
Rook: 7.000 Ft
Forvard Helix: 7.000 Ft
Conch: 7.000 Ft
Snug: 8.000 Ft
Daith: 8.000 Ft
Anti Tragus: 8.000 Ft
Industrial: 8.000 Ft
Stretching with 3mm stretcher: 7.000 Ft


Nostril: 7.000 Ft
Septum: 8.000 Ft
Bridge: 8.000 Ft


Standard Labret: 7.000 Ft
Side Labret: 7.000 Ft
Monroe-Madonna: 8.000 Ft
Medusa: 8.000 Ft
Vertical Labret: 10.000 Ft
Ashley: 10.000 Ft
Angel Bites: 14.000 Ft
Snake Bites: 14.000 Ft
Dahlia Bites: 14.000 Ft
Cyber Bites: 14.000 Ft
Dolphin Bites: 14.000 Ft
Spider Bites: 14.000 Ft
Viper Bites: 14.000 Ft
Shark Bites: 25.000 Ft
Canine Bites: 25.000 Ft


Eyebrow: 7.000 Ft
Navel: 8.000 Ft
Smiley: 7.000 Ft
Anti Eyebrow: 8.000 Ft
Horizontal Eyebrow: 8.000 Ft 
Tongue: 10.000 Ft
Cheek: 14.000 Ft

Microdermal price:

Microdermal – 10.000 Ft
Microdermal intimate – 14.000 Ft
Microdermal jewelry – 2.500 Ft
Microdermal head – 2.000 Ft
Microdermal head change – 3.000 Ft

Intimate piercings:

Nipple: 8.000 Ft
Christina: 10.000 Ft


Book an appointment:

In order not to have to wait and for sure we can make the requested piercing it is worth arranging an appointment. Appointments for piercings can be made in person, by phone, email, Facebook or Instagram. We also welcome those who feel a sudden urge and are guided by a sudden idea to have a body jewelry.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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