We make Piercings as well as Microdermal in our salon.

Our piercing prices include the jewelry that is inserted.

For starter jewelry, we only use anti-allergenic (made of medical grade 316L and titanium material) jewelry. It is important to wear jewelry that is least likely to cause irritation during healing. That is why we do not pierce with jewely that the client brings. Of course, after healing the jewelry can be changed. After the preparation, we provide our guests with complete treatment information.

Before piercing, the first step is to select the right piece of jewelry. It is important to mention here that not all jewelry is suitable for piercing. Medical metal jewelry is always inserted first. After healing, the jewelry can be replaced as desired.

The process of piercing:

  • The process begins with the sterilization of the selected jewelry, followed by disinfection of the chosen skin surface.
  • Before inserting the piercing, we mark the location of the jewelry in the desired location, in which case the guest can take a look and decide if the piercing should be placed differently.
  • The puncture is followed by the insertion of the jewelry and then the skin surface is disinfected again.
  • Once the jewelry is in place, there is nothing left to do but taking care of it.
  • With proper treatment, the area around the piercing will be completely healed within a few weeks.

A new generation of body jewelry appeared a few years ago and is known by several names as a single-point piercing placed under the skin; the microdermal. The jewelry is made up of two parts, a base and a head. Its uniqueness is that it can be inserted almost anywhere on the body where the required skin is a few millimeters thick above the bony parts. The microdermal also stands out as a single piece of jewelry, but is also often placed in groups on a specific part of the body.

Microdermal body jewelry is always inserted with a disposable skin piercer made exclusively for this purpose. The so-called base part of the jewelry is placed under the skin surface, from which the head of the jewelry itself is wound on the protruding threaded part. Thus, after healing, practically without moving the base of the jewelry, we have the opportunity to change the head above the skin surface without pain, with which we can change the color, size and shape of your piercing at any time.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.


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