Tattoo intent can be traced back to two basic cases, which stems from conflicting reasons: one is to emphasize individuality and the other is made for the sake of belonging somewhere.
Tattoos are, at best, done by professional tattoo artists, after serious study and exams. They work with a modern tattoo machine and skin-neutral ink. Tattoos have an artistic design, where the individuality of the creator prevails. Their meaning is mostly known only to the wearer. It can range from simple non-figurative figures to portraits of the individual or another important person. It can be a single color, but it can be a colorful, small or whole-body work. In return for providing serious professional knowledge, good equipment, and proper working conditions (sterility), you will get the right tattoo that you will wear on your body for a lifetime.
In our opinion, there is no need to introduce what a tattoo is these days, but we will describe a few things about how to get started if you want a tattoo.

Find your own design:

Think about what you really want. If you already have an idea, the internet can be a useful friend. If you have found the right one, bring it with you to a consultation or send it to us by e-mail (it is very important that the image you bring is of good quality, because only a good raw material can make a really good job). Of course, we will help you choose the right size and composition for the best possible result.

What if you don’t have a specific idea or your ideas are unique?
Feel free to contact us, our tattoo artists will put your unique idea on paper and you can design the pattern together, and our many tattoo catalogs can help you choose the one that really suits you.

Body part selection:
It is very important which part of the body you want to place the design. There are patterns that may not look good in a given location. You may want to consider this aspect from the beginning when looking for a pattern or place.

What about covering an old tattoo?
Of course, after a personal consultation, it is even possible to cover, expand and retouch an older tattoo. If the pattern to be covered does not allow the new idea to be completed, it is recommended to treat the tattoo with some suitable laser fading. In such cases, be sure to contact us and together we will plan the process of covering.

What the price depends on?
It is often difficult to predict how much time it will take to make a tattoo. For simpler, smaller designs, this is easier to determine, while for a larger one, the amount of preparation time can be determined only by estimation. Don’t be fooled by the size of a design! It may be small, but the process of preparing can be time consuming due to its detail. Once the pattern is selected and designed, then it becomes clear how long the entire workflow will take. If you already have a specific idea, you can reach us via email:

When can I get a tattoo?
You will find all the information in the Age limit menu.

How can I make an appointment?
After personal arrangement, we can provide an appointment if you leave a deposit. Contact us on our Facebook or Instagram page, email or call us at + 36-1-794-9040 and we could even book an appointment for you that day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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