Salamon Zoltán “Bruce”

Hello! My name is Zoltán Salamon or Bruce is my artist identity. I got acquainted with tattooing in Zalaegerszeg in 2010, I have been working in the profession since 2012. In the past period, I visited many places, both domestically and abroad. Currently, I regularly do guest spots abroad. You can also meet me at many tattoo events. Since 2014, I am one of the founders and co-owner of Ink Man Tattoo Studio. Closest to me is the realistic style, as reflected in my completed tattoos, but the New School style is what I still feel as my own. Striving for perfection is the best tool for development, I try to strive for this with each and every one of my jobs and thus offer my guests the most. I can call myself lucky because my work is my passion. Thank you for visiting our site and reading my introduction, I look forward to seeing you in our salon, feel free to contact me!
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